About Us


Choose Your Reader is a storytelling app that lets anyone record a story in their own voice for a special person in their life. Whether near or far, your voice travels anywhere using Choose Your Reader.


Parents, grandparents, or anyone who loves a child can create audiobooks using our diverse library and personalized recording system. Choose Your Reader is the perfect tool for teaching your child to read, and even learn a new language.


CYR Originals

Check out our CYR Originals by authors and illustrators from around the world, delivered straight to your phone!

       1. Record a Story

Select a title from our ever-growing library, and read aloud as the words are highlighted – just like karaoke!

2. Share Your Recorded Version

Share your recorded story with the click of a button, via text or email. Unlimited sharing, unlimited playback.

3. Make a Child’s Day

Teach a child to read and build language skills, using your voice.

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    Writers, Illustrators and Authors, we want you! CYR is a platform for published and unpublished creatives who want to share their stories. We support people and stories from diverse backgrounds! Submit stories and artwork to be considered for publication to: submit@ChooseYourReader.com
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